About us

Restaurants with apartments – Princ

Restaurants with apartments Princ was open in late May 2010 . Years and years of work experience have made us one of the leaders in the hospitality industry. In addition to fully follow the requirements of the modern market and clients, we also strive to build a distinctive style and to be the first association for anyone who has accommodation in Nis, as well as superior restaurant service.

What we have to offer?

When it comes to the restaurant, over the years of work and dedication, we have expanded and refined our service facilities. Today our clients can choose between two halls:

The large hall has a capacity of 400 guests
The small hall has a capacity of 200 guests
New large hall

Halls can be adapt to every kind of celebration Above all, there is a friendly staff at your disposal at all times. Fine gastronomy with delicious specialties and several types of menus awaits you.

Benefits of the restaurant

In addition to the many advantages that our apartments have, we also highlight:

Provided free parking space for all restaurant guests
Special wedding gift for bride and groom is transportation within the city of Nis



New large hall